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The Silent Transsexual

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on September 14, 2020

When I started writing on the topic of the science of changing sex, it was after having been doxxed as the author of The Invisible Transsexual about ten years ago. The issue then was that those in denial of the two type taxonomy, autogynephilic vs. homosexual, of male-to-female transsexuality were deliberately working to conflate and confuse the two types, insisting that there was only one type. Being doxxed, rather than forcing me to remain silent, roused an indignant anger such that I rose to defend reality, fact, and scientific knowledge.

Historically, autogynephilic gender dysphoric people were not considered “true transsexuals” by medical and scientific opinion. Only the naturally feminine homosexual transsexuals were considered thus. However, both taxons were found to be equally gender dysphoric and aided by medical interventions. Indeed the very term “gender dysphoria” was coined by Dr. Norman Fisk in the early ’70s to enable autogynephilic candidates to avail themselves of medical interventions. This later led to the unfortunate conflation and confusion of the two different taxons in the public mind, driven in part by the autogynephilic transsexual community themselves.

Today, one can see that many transsexuals have come to understand and acknowledge the reality of the two type taxonomy. A growing number of brave autogynephilic transsexuals have come forth to acknowledge both the taxonomy and their own autogynephilic sexuality. A growing number of homosexual transsexuals have raised their voices to talk about the differences, their own unique experiences, become more visible as a separate population, with very different social and therapeutic needs. This has been a very heartening development.

However, a new and unforseen development has also occurred. Even as transsexuals acknowledge the two very different types, transsexual voices are being shouted down. Even as transsexual kids are being acknowledged and finding greater support in their communities, from their parents, and from more enlightened medical care givers, their voices are being shouted down by an ever growing chorus of people who are NOT transsexual.

I speak of course to the unfortunate social circumstance of having been subsumed in a larger identity of “transgender”.

The term “transgender” was originally coined in the ’60s by Dr. Virginia Prince, a male bodied lifestyle crossdresser, an autogynephile who neither desired nor sought medical interventions to change his body. He coined the term to describe himself, and to differentiate himself, from transsexuals. Yes, the term originally EXCLUDED transsexuals. He also coined the term to differentiate himself from secretive crossdressers, common transvestites, autogynephiles who only occasionally crossdressed, often only partially in women’s lingerie, for sexual gratification and emotional comfort.

But, over the decades, the term was expanded, first to include transvestites, then in the early ’90s, it began to be used to cover autogynephilic transsexuals, who had followed a transvestite, to transgenderist (the term used then), to transsexual, career arc. In a way, it made sense that autogynephilic transsexuals could and should be covered by such an umbrella term, given their histories and shared autogynephilic etiology. But sadly, because of the conflation of the two types, this also dragged homosexual transsexuals under the umbrella, unwillingly and to their detriment, conflating and confusing them with heterosexual transvestites!

But sometime in the last ten to fifteen years, a new phenomena grew. People who were neither homosexual nor autogynephilic… indeed not even gender dysphoric, began to see that transsexuals were fighting for our social, legal, civil rights. We became, in some socially liberal circles, “cool”. And because we’re “cool”, many who felt like “outsiders” took on the superficial trappings and identity of being “trans”, even though they were in no sense gender dysphoric, nor even gender atypical.

This was sometimes accepted by autogynephilic males since most of those who claimed to be “transgender” were also such non gender dysphoric / non-gender atypical “trans” (secretive transvestites).

But, among those who weren’t gender dysphoric nor gender atypical were large numbers of female bodied young people who wanted also to join the “cool kids club”. And as they did so, they diluted the voices of actual transsexual transmen. These transmen began to openly question why these non-transsexual, non-gender dysphoric, non-gender atypical, very often heterosexual girls, should claim to be like them. Thus began a war of words and of ugly epithets as actual transsexuals began to be pushed away from the ‘cool kids lunch table’ by self-identified ‘transgender’ people, vilified with such terms as “trans-medicalist” and “truscum”.

But this wasn’t the end. Now we have entered a new phase where actual transsexual people are being silenced and marginalized by this ever expanding “transgender” community evidenced in the past couple years by the stunningly counter intuitive development in which they are now claiming that the very term that started it all, “transsexual” is a pejoritive!

That term is NOT a pejoritive to actual transsexuals!!!!

The goal of those who are “transgender” who make this astounding claim is clear: To silence transsexuals.

If our voices can be shouted down by claiming that there is no difference between those who merely self-proclaim their identity as “trans” and actual transsexuals, then they can lay claim to all the “coolness” and social acceptance that transsexuals have worked so hard over decades to earn.

As a transsexual, I will NOT be silenced.

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