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Blood Lines

Posted in Science Criticism by Kay Brown on October 17, 2017

critical-thinkingA recent study regarding cross-sex blood transfusions and subsequent mortality may have implications for Blanchard’s immune factor Fraternal Birth Order Effect etiology hypothesis.  In the study, they found that when blood from a previously pregnant woman is transfused in men, their subsequent mortality is increased compared to women who are transfused.  Blood from women who had never been pregnant did not increase men’s mortality.  The hypothesis is that when women are pregnant with a male child, immune factors are created against “males” that can be transfused into men and cause iatrogenic harm.  Note the similarity with the immune factor Fraternal Birth Order Effect hypothesis.

To remind my reader.  The Fraternal Birth Order Effect is the now well established fact that androphilic males (both gay and transsexual) have more older brothers than sisters.  That is to say, that the odds that a given male baby will be androphilic increases with each male child that their mother had carried previously.  This is a cumulative effect.

Further research is called for in this new case of transfusion induced mortality connection, of course.  But this suggests a new wrinkle to the immune factor hypothesis.  Could the issue of immune factor mediation for the Fraternal Birth Order Effect be one of increased fetal mortality for heterosexual males rather than immune factors interfering with virilization?  This too should be researched.  If this hypothesis is true, the mothers of gay men would have higher “chemical” pregnancies that did not become clinical pregnancies than mothers of only heterosexual men.

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“Blood Boundaries: Should Transfusions Be Matched by Sex? A new study raises questions about potential dangers” By Karen Weintraub, Scientific American (2017)


Camila Caram-Deelder, Aukje L. Kreuger, Dorothea Evers, et al, “Association of Blood Transfusion From Female Donors With and Without a History of Pregnancy With Mortality Among Male and Female Transfusion Recipients” JAMA (2017)



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Santa Rosa Fire

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on October 9, 2017

For my friends and fans:

Jeff and I are safe.  Our house is only blocks from the fire and the smoke is thick.  We will keep a close eye on the fire and will leave if the mandatory evacuation zone moves our way.

Thank you for your kindness,


Update 10/11/2017:  The air is much clearer and nothing is burning very close…. but there are many fires just over the hills.  We made it though, but many in Santa Rosa did not.  Many homes are gone.  Many of our friends have evacuated and staying with others.  We are still hoping to hear word of one couple who no one seems to know what happened.  They are elderly (~80) and we fear the worst.

The winds are picking up again and I worry about so many who will almost certainly lose their homes tonight.

Update 10/13/2017:  Oh thank goodness our friends are alright… they had been in their house with no power or phone for days.

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