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Transsexual Post-Op Regret Is Rare

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on May 19, 2021

If one were to trust the propaganda against transsexual medical interventions you would believe that post-op regret is common and a serious problem that can only be fixed by “morally mandating it out of existence” by outlawing transsexual surgeries. But the truth is quite the opposite. We have yet another study by Narayan, et al., that shows that post-op regret is less than 0.3% and only slightly less than half of that was actual “gender identity” related. So the true post-op “de-trans” type regret is less than 0.15%.

In a meta-analysis of previous studies, Bustos, et al., found that pooling 7928 transsexual people who had surgeries of various kinds over several decades, only 77 had any, ANY, regrets which is less than 1%. Of those that had “major regrets”, the type we are actually concerned with, there were only 34, which is only 0.4%, essentially the same figure as that obtained by Narayan. Bustos did not have sufficient data on de-transitions after surgery.

This is actually quite low and speaks to the usefulness of our present diagnostic protocols (gatekeeping). While transphobic critics of transsexual medicine falsely claim that surgery is provided far too easily and often, the data says otherwise.

Update 2/23/23: We have yet another paper (Jedrzejewski) that found only 0.3% of 1989 post-op patients that expressed regret, exactly in keeping with the above studies.

Update 2/25/23: A poster session from a UK medical conference from 2017 showing that only 0.2% regret out of 3398. The poster is shown below. The “de-trans” type regret is less than 0.09%.


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