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The Tolerable Lightness of Being…

Posted in Transsexual Field Studies by Kay Brown on November 18, 2015


A recent study strongly suggests that for transwomen, being post-op is far more healthy that being pre-op.  Reducing testosterone to very low levels by having SRS improves health.  We’ve long suspected this to be true.  Now we have some preliminary evidence to support it.

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles measured insulin resistance and fat accumulation in the liver of four transgender women who underwent bilateral orchiectomy and were taking female hormones and eight transgender women who were only using female hormones. The researchers found that transgender women only taking hormones exhibited insulin resistance and had greater fat accumulation in the liver. According to lead researcher Michael Nelson, PhD, transgender women with the highest level of testosterone had the poorest metabolic health. The researchers also observed that the amount of fat accumulation in the liver was related to degree of insulin resistance.

“The data suggest that fatty liver and insulin resistance are more prevalent in transgender women taking only female hormones. Transgender women who have undergone bilateral orchiectomy appear protected against these conditions,” Nelson said.


Michael Nelson, “A pilot study exploring metabolic dysfunction in trans-sexual women: Novel insight from magnetic resonance spectroscopy”

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