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Why Are Homosexual Transsexuals Short?

Posted in Transsexual Theory by Kay Brown on April 2, 2023

It’s long been noted that “homosexual transsexuals” (HSTS) are shorter than average for males, and definitively shorter than non-homosexual transsexuals. It turns out, we may have a satisfactory answer; the Fraternal Birth Order Effect.

First, to review, the FBOE is the interesting finding that androphilic (gay) males are more likely to have older brothers than hetersexual men. That is to say, that for each male fetus that a mother has gestated, the higher the likely-hood that the next male will be androphilic. We’ve also learned that the FBOE effect is highly correlated with males who were more likely to be bottoms, physically more hypomasculine, and more gender atypical. Further, the FBOE is much more common in HSTS than the general homosexual population. And, “bottoms” have more (perhaps only bottoms) FBOE? Bottoms also show higher 2D:4D ratios. Now, allow me to share data on an older study that showed that those with more older brothers are also shorter.

From the abstract,

A late fraternal birth order has been demonstrated numerous times in homosexual men. Body size has been less studied with regard to the development of sexual orientation and has demonstrated contradictory results. In this research, the relations among fraternal birth order, body size, and sexual orientation were examined in a Canadian sample of homosexual and heterosexual men. An interaction between fraternal birth order and height was observed, with a homosexual orientation most likely to occur in men with a high number of older brothers and shorter stature. No significant interactive effects were observed for weight. The results suggest that the mechanism underlying the fraternal birth order phenomenon has an effect on physical development that lasts and is detectable into adulthood (i.e., adult stature).

This would explain why HSTS are shorter than average as well. Homosexual transsexuals are a subset of “bottoms” and share all of the biological effects.

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Bogaert, A. F. (2003). The interaction of fraternal birth order and body size in male sexual orientation. Behavioral Neuroscience, 117(2), 381–384. https://doi.org/10.1037/0735-7044.117.2.381


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