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Sincerest Form Of Flattery?

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on October 15, 2018

Kay BrownIt is often said that imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery.  The second best, for an academic, is to be noticed and incompetently mocked.  As Churchill has erroneously been said to have quipped, “Got enemies?  Good, it means you stood for something.”  It also means that one is having an effect.

Well… someone has produced a blog to specifically address what I write about.  How wonderful!

Oh… and it will attempt to “debunk Blanchardianism”… you know… just like biblical creationists / “intelligent design” science denialists attempt to “debunk Darwinism”.

Be sure to compare these science denialisms with my Silly Objections list and play “Silly Objections Bingo”:

Essay on “Silly Objections”

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