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Chelsea Manning is NOT the Hero…

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on January 13, 2018

Chelsea Manning is NOT the Hero of the transgender community.

Kay BrownNews today is that Chelsea Manning is running for Senator for Maryland.  I was shocked. Surely a convicted traitor could not run for such an office.  Well, imagine my surprise when I learned that our constitution does not prohibit felons from seeking federal office.

Manning is an embarrassment to our community.  Manning gives us all a black eye.  Manning knowingly put her fellow soldiers at extreme risk by turning spy for Wikileaks.  Many may attempt to portray her as a “whistle-blower” but that is a false picture.  She released far too many documents to have carefully considered the potential damage and danger for each one.  She did not point out specific wrong doings… she released documents en mass to our enemies.  She just said “fuck you” to her responsibilities and her oath to defend the United States and our constitution.

Wikileaks is NOT our friend.  Wikileaks has deep connections to Russia and other autocratic states that are not our allies.  Wikileaks is headed by Assange, a man who is hiding in an Ecuadorean embassy to avoid facing criminal charges of espionage and rape.  Wikileaks is very selective in what it leaks to the press and the world.  If it will hurt the United States… it get’s released.  If it will hurt certain candidates that the Russians don’t like, it get’s released.

Remember this as you think of Chelsea Manning.  She is NOT a hero.  She is (indirectly) a tool of the Russian state.

At a time when the transcommunity is struggling to prove to the nation that transfolk can serve honorably in the military, Manning is not a shining example.  If she really cared about the community, she would know she should take a low profile but instead…

Chelsea Manning portrays herself as a “transactivist”…

I don’t know about you.  But I’m sick to death of people who transition and within hours of doing so, declare that they are “transactivists”.  No, she is NOT.  She has done NOTHING to help transfolk.  She is not Shannon Minter.  She is NOT Joanna Michelle Clark.  She did NOT pound the streets fighting anti-LGBT laws.  She did NOT found, nor work for, organizations like the ACLU Transsexual Rights Committee.  Just because she is trans is no reason to hail her as a hero.

She is an embarrassing self promoter to whom I say,


(Addendum 7/1/2018:  Manning lost her bid in the primary, garnering only 5.7% of the vote.  HURRAY ! )

(Addendum 3/8/2019:  Manning is now in jail for contempt!  She continues to be a traitor with respect to WikiLeaks.)

(Addendum 4/11/2019:  Manning is still in jail and now Assange is in custody.  I look forward to further developments.)

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