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Video of Ray Blanchard

Posted in Film Review by Kay Brown on December 21, 2017

For some late transitioning transwomen Ray Blanchard is either the living embodiment of Satan or he is the genius who put a name to what they had been feeling confused about their own sexuality.  To me, he is simply a good scientist doing his job.  I wish we had more like him.

Although he did NOT discover the phenomena, he did coin the term autogynephilia and dug just a bit deeper than those before… as every scientist does in their turn.  But for some reason he gets both the credit and the blame for bringing attention to the Two Type Taxonomy of transgender people, especially for Male-To-Female transsexuals.  He wasn’t the first to notice the continuum of transvestite/cross-dreamer/cross-dresser/late-transitioning transsexual.  Nor was he the first to notice they were quite different than the exclusively androphilic “young transitioners”.  But he did pursue the phenomena along with several co-investigators with enough depth to pull the material from past researchers together under a coherent theory that fully explained and made predictions about the two types – predictions that are currently being shown to be correct.

So, let’s hear from the man himself,

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