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Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on January 8, 2014

CloudyThe Kickstarter campaign has ended and has reached our goal.  Thank you for your support of this very important film.

A new kickstarter funding effort is under way to fund a film on homeless transkids…  something worth supporting… and I’m putting my money where my mouth is… How about you?  Together, we can help our community.


This project has its own website as well.  Transkids teens are the most likely population to become and remain homeless of ANY single group.  Why?  Because we make our parents uncomfortable.  We make potential employers uncomfortable.  This is not a new problem… but it is a problem that should and can be solved.  But first, we need society to recognize transkids unique issues and vulnerability.  We need to increase the visibility of this “invisible” population of transgendered people.

Before we can solve a problem, we need to recognize that it is a problem.  Transkids comprise only a tiny fraction of teenagers, but a disproportionate percentage of homeless teens.  Transkids are extremely likely to be rejected by their natal families.  Over half of rejected transkids experience homelessness.  They are difficult to place with foster families, who are typically unprepared to help transkids, and often just as likely to reject them for the same reasons that their natal family did.  Group homes can be just as bad, as they expose transkids to daily belittling and bullying, both subtle and unsubtle.  Further, many group homes will insist that transkids dress and present themselves in their natal sex, disrespecting their gender expression.

This is your chance to be part of the solution.  This film will document the lives of real transkids, allowing them to express the issues they face, in their own voices.  But this film needs your support to reach the screen.  So pull out that credit card and pledge your support.

Also, please Share this on your facebook page and post on forums to help get the word out!

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