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It Gets Better…

Posted in Editorial by Kay Brown on October 10, 2010

CloudyRecent events across the nation have focused attention on bullying and cyber-bullying of young gay men and boys. As a kid, in elementary school, I was subjected to my share, of course, but not above the ordinary amount I saw that went on, unchecked. Frankly the worst of the bullying seemed to be reserved for the one really fat kid in our class, who was subjected, nearly daily, to a song-taunt:

Donovan, Donovan… Fat as a Wha…le…
No one you see… Is fatter than HE….

{Sung to the theme song from the TV show, “Flipper”.}

But, freshman year in high school, I was targeted by a sizable crowd of bullies, who did more than taunts, as my locker was trashed, my bicycle vandalized, knocked out of chairs in class, pushed down the stairs, knocked down and stepped on by cleated-shoes, knocked off my bicycle into on-coming automobile traffic… and ambushed in an orchard, badly beaten and kicked by two boys who yelled homophobic slurs, with one phrase ringing in my ears down through the years, “You think you’re a girl? You make me sick!”. Appeals to the school administrators only earned me more scorn, as they felt I was the source of my own problems.  Fortunately, our family moved to another town where the high school had a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for bullying and violence.

So, it is with great sorrow to learn that feminine / gay boys today are still being targeted today in middle-america. But I am heartened to see the recent public response, most especially the “It gets better” campaign.

If you are a youngster, especially a feminine boy, gay, or transkid, contemplating choices for your life, I need to tell you; It gets better!

My life is filled with joy. I have an adoring (straight) husband. I have an adopted daughter, now in her 20’s, whose growth from a seriously abused toddler (before I got her) to a happy and productive adult is a source of pride and wonder. I have a career with accomplishments that few could boast. I live in a neighborhood of friendly, honest, and decent people. I am loved and respected.  It gets better.

It gets better.

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