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Scientific Sodoku II

Posted in Confirming Two Type Taxonomy by Kay Brown on April 10, 2010

I just couldn’t resist playing some more sodoku.    This to look at the issue of looking at age at transition, with the age of starting on HRT as our guide, as the Nuttbrock, et al. data uses.  If we look at the difference between the expected amount of reported erotic cross-dressing to the actual, those that started on HRT as teens is very, very different than the other two.  Something about being a young transitioner is very different, even when accounting for self reported sexuality.  Again, we note that young transitioners are much less likely to be autogynephilic, than older transitioners.   It’s not just that they are more likely to be androphilic, which report the lowest percentage of erotic cross-dressing.  They are simply less likely to be AGP regardless of reported sexual orientation, when compared to older transitioners.

All numbers in percentage except for (n=number) and the A/E ratio:

Hormone Therapy

.                             Homosexual     Heterosexual    Bisexual     AGP      AGP              A/E
.                             (androphilic)   (gynephilic)                             Actual  Expected    Ratio
.                                     (n=391)          (n=71)               (n=96)
Autogynephilia           23.0                81.7                     67.7

Adolescent(n=171) 91.8                 0.6                         7.6            14.0       26.7         0.52
Adult (n=242)           64.5               13.2                       22.2           42.6       42.6          1.00
None (n=158)            54.2               25.5                      20.2           59.5       44.2          1.35

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