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Posted in Confirming Two Type Taxonomy by Kay Brown on March 21, 2010

A careful analysis of a large study like the Nuttbrock, et al. gives us a chance to have fun with numbers.  From this may glean additional insights.  It took a bit of doing, recalculating, but I was able find the data on the Asexual population and add it to the table I showed earlier.  Consider the results:

Self-reported       Homosexual     Heterosexual    Bisexual   Asexual    AGP    AGP
Sexuality               (androphilic)   (gynephilic)                                              Actual  Expected
Number:                  (n=391)               (n=71)               (n=96)       (n=12)
Autogynephilia       23.0                     81.7                    67.7            66.7

White  (n=150)       18.6                     38.0                    37.3              6.0         78.7       64.4
Black  (n=120)       90.0                        2.5                      7.5              0.0         23.1        27.8
Hispanic (n=246) 90.2                         1.6                      7.3              0.8         22.8        27.2
Other  (n=54)          61.1                       13.0                   24.1              1.9         27.9         46.8

From the percentage that of each sexual identity report erotic cross-dressing, we can calculate an expected percentage for each ethnicity based upon the relative number of each sexual identity, assuming that ethnicity should have no effect on the likelihood of a given sexual identity group reporting such autogynephilic arousal to cross-dressing.  However, looking at the expected and the actual percentages, we see a very striking pattern.  Our assumption that ethnicity has no effect isn’t supported.  In fact, we see a far different pattern in that the White population reports far higher than expected amounts of autogynephilia, while the other ethnicities report significantly lower amounts than expected.  A higher number of white folk reported experiencing autogynephilic arousal, even when controlling for sexual identity.  Also of interest is that most of the Asexual group (75%) are White, when we would have expected only 25% of them to have been White if there had been no correlation with ethnicity.

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